Video Editing Course in Nepal


Video Editing


Overview of Video Editing Course in Nepal

Idea media training offers best Video Editing Course in Nepal. Video Editing is essential for every kind of video making. A good video editor gives a better look to a video even video footage are bad. By using transition, good sound, overlays and color grading a video looks cinematic and professional. Video editing is not just about tools of software it is an art. 

Who can take this Video Editing course ?

  • Anyone who is interested in video making
  • Traveller and vlooger
  • Professionals who is working in media and news
  • Who wants to make ad video for their business
  • Who is interested in music video
  • Wedding videographer
  • Who has interest in wedding video editing
  • Who is looking career in video editing field

Course Outcome of Video Editing Course in Nepal

  • You can edit videos for youtube and social media
  • Can edit wedding video
  • Make your own travel vlog and cinematic video
  • You can add sound, text, graphics and images
  • You can edit simple music video
  • Edit news video
  • Documentary and other kind of video


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Course Content

You will Learn
  • Organizing files for fast editing workflow
  • Interface Introduction
  • Creating project
  • Custom sequence setting
  • Different types of cutting
  • Where to cut and when to cut (art of cutting)
  • Insert Edit, swapping and moving clips
  • Working with images
  • Using marker and notes
  • Speed ramping, Slo Motion and reverse effects
  • Track matt Key
  • Working with audio and sound effects
  • Keyframe concept and animation
  • Scale, opacity, position and rotation animation
  • Graphics panel
  • Working with Text and Graphics
  • Color correction
  • Applying luts
  • Masking
  • Write on effect
  • Glitch Effects
  • Tips for editing wedding video, music video, documentary


  • Laptop is not compulsory 
  • Age : There is no age bar for this course. 
  • Qualification : No qualification is required. But you should be able to operate the computer.
  • Basic computer knowledge will be helpful.

Notes for Students

  • There is high demand of Video Editor in Nepal. Deserving candidates will get placement opportunity and chance for internship in different media and companies
  • You will get to work with professional team of Idea
  • If you do well in class, you will get chance to handle Idea’s projects and events

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