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Photography Course in Nepal

In less than a many years, photography has become a part of almost every element of our lives. Almost everyone has a camera in their cell phone, and photos are taken all day, every day. We are constantly seeing photographic images on our electronic devices, in print media, and advertising.

Since photography has become so widespread and diverse, it’s hard to narrow down precisely what photography is and whether it is still a form of art. This article will explore how photography rose to prominence and is now widely used in both everyday life and the fine art world.

Photography refers to the art, application, and practice of producing images by capturing light with a device known as a camera. 

Photography can serve many purposes and have many facets. Photography can tell a story, it can capture a moment in time, it can document, and it can be art. There are many technical uses for photography as well as social and creative ones. How we use and interact with photography is highly personal and will differ from one person to the next. But, there’s more to capturing images in photography. Some techniques and methods allow a camera to capture more details and light, making the captured images attractive.

We believe you’ve already understood why photography is one of the most useful skills for everyone. Taking great pictures gives you satisfaction and allows you to make good money and earn your living. And good output comes from quality learning. So, why learn photography? We have some points below:

  • You can capture special moments 
  • Increases your creativity
  • It helps  to present your point of view to the world
  • Allows you to make good earning

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