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Photography Course Fee in Nepal

There are several professional photography training institutes in Kathmandu valley where these institutes offer photography training from scratch to professional levels. 

Studying photography allows you to learn about the camera, camera lenses, the effect of light, and other entities while capturing photos with a camera, photo effects, editing, etc.  But choosing the right institute is very important as this decides the frequency and quality of your learning. And there are some institutes where retired trainers are providing training who might don’t know the present scenario of changing technology due to lack of involvement in projects and in the field, who are concerned with teaching and training. However, we have professional trainers who are active in both teaching, in projects and fields. Nevertheless, they are updated with technology and have much more ideas as this generation is the generation of changing technology. 

Idea Media Training Nepal is the most trusted training institute for Photography, Cinematography, Video editing with experts. Idea Media Training Nepal was officially established in 2016 as a trusted training institute. The main objective of this institution is to give proper counseling and preparation about Photography, Cinematography, Video editing to the students.

Basic Photography: Rs. 7500 for 15 Days, 1.5 hrs/ day

Advanced Photography: Rs. 20000 for 1 Month, 1.5 hrs/ day
Video Editing Training (Adobe Premiere Pro): Rs. 10000 for 1 Month, 1.5 hrs/ day

Cinematography / Videography Training: Rs. 15000 for 1 Month, 1.5 hrs/ day

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