About Idea Media Training Nepal

Welcome to the most trusted training institute – Idea Media Training Nepal (IMTN) – for Photography, Cinematography, Video editing, Motion Graphics, Film making, Video production and Direction with experts. Idea Media Training Nepal was officially established on 2017 as a trusted training institute. The main objective of this institution is to give proper counseling and preparation about Photography, Cinematography, Video editing, Motion Graphics, Film acting, Video production and Direction to the students. We have highly qualified and professional trainers who are active in teaching as well as in projects and fields. Nevertheless, they are updated with technology and have much more ideas as this generation is the generation of changing technology. 

They are available till your course duration. Trainers, including senior cameraman of Voice of Nepal, Nepal idol, Aina etc. T.V programs are there to train you. They teach you about the updated technologies, skills required and many other things. And, New technology is changing with time so we believe in continuous improvement. Throughout our journey, we keep improving day by day which help us to make a strong brand in the crowd of training institutes. So, Idea Media Training Nepal is the best platform for you in Nepal and we gratefully welcome you to join us.