Basic Photography Course in Nepal





Basic Photography Course in Nepal

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Course Overview

Photography course in Nepal is one of the most sought training program. This could be a passion for some and career option for some other people. IMTN offers you the shortest and most intensive photography course in Nepal with highly experienced and skilled Photographer.

The prime objective of this course is to equip you with enough knowledge and job shadow in this field. Because of our short duration, this course is also suitable for full time job holders or someone who is seeking for basic to advanced level of photography course in a very minimum time period in Nepal.

Who this course is for ?

Photography skill is one of the “must have” skills in today’s world. Whether you want to be a professional photographer or you are just a traveller, or you have passion of Photography every one need this skill.

  • If you have camera and still shooting in auto mode then this course is for your
  • One whose passion is Photography
  • Who wants to build career in Photography
  • If you have business and if you want to shoot photo for your business then this course is for you
  • If you are traveller, mountaineer, guide etcs
  • Want to open photo studio then this is for you
  • who is studying journalism, film making, media management, interior designing, fashion design etc
  • If someone is wedding planner, event organizer, hotelier, beautician

Course Outcome

You can do many things after taking this class. Some of the area where you can see improvements are as following;

  • You can take buying decision of camera and lenses according to your need
  • Manually operate camera in any situation
  • Handle flash light, bounce card and will have knowledge of flash light
  • Fullfill your passion if Photography is passion for you
  • Start your career in Clubs, restaurants and even wedding and event photography
  • Adjust light & color of your photo. Remove unwanted things from Photo, level horizon or tilted lines
  • Shoot for panorama and stich them in Photoshop
  • Create watermark / signature in Photoshop and apply quickly

Course Content

Details knowledge about camera and lenses
  • Types of camera
  • Types of lenses
  • Types of Photography
  • Use of lenses in different types of photography
  • Passion based and income generating photography field
  • Camera sensor, Crop-factor and megapixel
Camera Modes and camera settings
  • Camera modes – Auto, Manual and other modes
  • Shutter speed, ISO, Aperture
  • White Balance 
  • Depth of Field
  • Metering mode
  • Picture Style
  • Focus
Composition & Shot Size
  • Different types of composition techniques
  • How to compose photo
  • Shot size
  • Rules of shots
Practical & Photo Walk
  • All camera setting practical
  • Photowalk – 2-3 hours
  • Night Photography practical
  • High Speed Photography Practical
  • Shot size and Portrait Photography Practical
  • Composition techniques practical
Flash light
  • Flash light manual settings
  • Right techniques of using flash light 
  • Use of bounce card
Use of other Accessories
  • Use of Filters
  • Use of ND filters 
  • What type of Memory cards should you use
  • Use of Tripod
  • Use of reflector
Tips and Tricks
  • Camera safety tips
  • Tips for camera buying
  • Tips for landscape photography
  • Tips for Portrait Photography
  • Photography business tips
Basic Photo Editing
  • Color correction 
  • Light correction
  • Remove unwanted things from photo
  • Removal of blemises and marks from face
  • Panorama shooting and merge
  •  Making Signature/ Watermark 
  • Edit for Passport size photo
  • Sharpening and noise reduction


  • Camera is not compulsory. But having camera makes you learn faster and better. If you have camera, bring your camera. But if you are planning to buy new one , first enroll in class then only buy. Class will help you to make better decision.
  • Age : There is no age bar for this course. 
  • Qualification : No qualification is required. But you should be able to understand /read the menus and buttons of your camera. 
  • Laptop: You need to bring laptop during the photo editing part. It will run for 3 days.

Notes for Students

  • There is high demand of photographer in Nepal. Deserving candidates will get placement opportunity and chance for internship in different media and companies
  • You will get to work with professional team of Idea
  • If you do well in class, you will get chance to handle Idea’s projects and events

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